Author: Yatin Mundkur

I am a Partner of Artiman Ventures, and I focus on early-stage Technology and Medtech investments. Before joining Artiman Ventures, I was Managing Director at TeleSoft Partners, founded and served as President of Equator Technologies, a developer of Programmable MediaProcessors, was VP/Group Manager at Conexant, and Chief Architect/Design Manager at Sun Microsystems, Ross Technology and Cypress Semiconductor. I am currently on the boards of Cellworks, Looxcie, Pricelock, Prysm, XTRM, Yantra and zSpace. Over my career, I have led investments in many companies such as Aarohi Communications (acq by Emulex), BayPackets (acq by privately-held GenBand), BioImagene (acq by Roche), Catamaran Communications (acq by Infineon), Crossbar, Ikanos (Nasdaq: IKAN), Jungo (acq by NDS Group), Lara Networks (acq by Cypress), LogLogic (acq by TIBCO), Matrix Semiconductor (acq by Sandisk), Nethra (assets acq by Imagination Technologies), OmegaBand (shutdown), Prysm, RedClover Networks (assets acq by Oplink), Sierra Design Automation (acq by Mentor Graphics), SigmaTel (Nasdaq: SGTL), Validity (acq by Synaptics), Versatile Optical Networks (acq by Vitesse), Virident Systems (acq by Western Digital), VxTel (acq by Intel), Xambala, Xpedion Design Systems (acq by Agilent), XTRM, Yantra and zSpace.

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