Payam Banazadeh Founder, CEO

Leading an enterprise named one of the top-25 disruptive companies in the world by both Bloomberg and The New York Times, Payam was recently named to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list. While at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab­­ (JPL), his work on two multi-million-dollar NASA missions was honored with their Mariner Award. He was also awarded the prestigious NASA Discovery Award for outstanding achievement in the formulation of novel concepts for the development of projects. Payam holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, magna cum laude, from The University of Texas at Austin, where he received the Texas Outstanding Scholar & Leader Award. Payam has earned a graduate management & business degree from Stanford University and is a fellow of U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF).

Capella Space Inc.

To make vital information about our planet more accessible and reliable than ever before, we’re leveraging proven technologies in ways that are entirely new—building constellations of SAR satellites that can bring you the latest information about any spot on the planet within the hour.

Infrastructure Monitoring


Disaster Response & Recovery