John Carberry Founder, Silniva Inc.

John Carberry has been working on technologies involving silicon, silica and ceramics for over 35 years. Prior positions include founder, CEO and CTO of Diamondview Armor Products, Founder and CEO of Silibond Corporation, Founder and CEO of Neptec Optical Solutions, CEO of Ceramatec, President and COO of Ceradyne and GM of Kyocera’s US packaging division.

He is the holder of over 100 patents among which included work on fused silica for melting silicon, cathodes, orthodontic appliances ethyl silicate, ceramics, anode materials and thermal electrics.

Silniva Inc.

Silniva is developing renewable energy technologies using novel nano-silicon structures and patented manufacturing technologies. Our first solutions use silicon as a thermal cell converting electricity into cold and heat into electricity.

Tim Wilson Partner, Artiman

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Thermal Electrics

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