Rachel Dorin, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Dorin is TeraPore’s CEO and company co-founder. She is co-inventor of TeraPore’s core technology and received her PhD from Cornell University’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Her research focused on the application of self-assembling materials to separations applications. At Cornell she received a minor in business from the Johnson Graduate School of Management and lead the Technology Entrepreneurship @ Cornell organization. Dr. Dorin was the recipient of Cornell’s McMullen Fellowship as well as a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

Dr. Dorin received B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Biology from the University of New Mexico. She worked at Sandia National Labs Advanced Materials Labs on nanostructured metals for energy applications for several years. She also performed research in UNM’s biology department on gene expression in fluorescing microbes.


Nanofiltration membranes with 2x – 4x filtration performance improvement

High value markets in BioPharma as the first application. Subsequent application in mass markets in water filtration.